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is called. >> cashing in, 11:30 tomorrow, red eye tomorrow at 11:00 p.m. >> i am on greta tonight! >> have a fantastic weekend, everybody. thanks for watching. stick around. "special report" is next! the muslim brotherhood calls for a day of rage following the deaths of hundreds in egypt, and that's exactly what it gets. this is "special report." i am john roberts in for bret baier. there was not a pretense of nonviolent protest in egypt, following the death of more than 600 people wednesday, the muslim brotherhood took to the streets on a self proclaimed day of rage, armed and dangerous. so far at least 64 people have been killed today. we have fox team coverage tonight. jennifer griffin at the penalty
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gone with how the u.s. trained the man behind egypt's military takeover, but we begin with correspondent leland vitter live in jerusalem where it is early morning. hi, leland. >> reporter: good evening, john. in cairo, a state of martial law. tanks, armored personnel carriers and soldiers around with automatic weapons. the violence we saw today was a little different as residents of cairo took up arms against the brotherhood, angry that those members had turned their city into something of an urban battlefield, as egypt as a whole inches closer to civil war. flames burning through floor after floor of an office building marked the end of an epic battle for ramsey square. following mass funerals and noon prayers, tens of thousands of protesters began to converge, among them, gunmen firing their ak-47s ahead of the coming
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battle. the military will fall, said this man, in route. a few minutes later they attacked a police station, bringing the chaos of war, complete
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back to you. >> looks like it is going to go on some time. thanks. the best and brightest military minds from all over the world come to the united states for special training.
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now one of those minds is at the center of the turmoil in egypt. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has that story for us tonight from the pentagon. >> reporter: u.s. officials believe the death toll in egypt is actually higher than has been reported in the last two days following the egyptian military's crackdown. some u.s. legislators called for the administration to suspend $1.6 billion in u.s. military aid to egypt, among them, senators john mccain and lindsey graham. quote, the interim civilian government and security forces unfortunately backed up by the military are down a dark path, one the united states cannot and should not travel with them. the general who is calling the shots in egypt, the leader responsible for the overthrow of president mohamed morsi and the crackdown on the muslim brotherhood is well known to the pentagon. general abdel fattah el-sisi, studied in the united states at the army war college in carlyle, pennsylvania in 2006. he was brought here to study democracy. known as a quiet student who
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listened intently, he encountered many u.s. military officers that just returned from a very bruising experience in iraq. he wrote a paper on democracy in the middle east, quote, there are those that believe that democratic rule can co-exist with the religious nature of the middle eastern societies. however, on the other hand, there are those that believe the tribal culture of the middle eastern countries may not be suitable for democratic rule as too many factions will emerge. >> i remember him as a very quiet, polite, reflective, contemplating individual, and he is not in my opinion a dictator. he is the most popular person right now in egypt, which may seem kind of strange, but that's where public opinion is. >> reporter: secretary of defense chuck hagel spoke with him yesterday. one pentagon official described the conversations as
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workman-like, amid recognition the u.s. has little leverage over the u.s. educated egyptian general, john. >> eye opening report, jennifer. thanks so much. big brother really has been watching. apparently a lot more than president obama has acknowledged thus far, but the official line is mistakes happen. wendell goler is with the president tonight. >> reporter: with the president on family vacation in new england, his aides referred reporters to the national security agency, where officials said their mistakes reflect a tiny fraction of their operations and all are taken seriously. the director of compliance said, quote, we keep our overseers informed through immediate reporting and periodic reporting, and yet the agency failed to report a 2008 order to track phone calls from egypt, international code 20, that wound up tracking calls from washington, d.c. when the computer read area code 202. >> it was an innocent mistake.
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but it demonstrates the ease with which the nsa by the push of a button, whether deliberate or accidental, can get large volumes of u.s. communications. >> reporter: "the washington post" reporter that broke the story says the internal nsa audit leaked to him by edward snowden contains more information than is provided to congressional oversite committees. dianne feinstein said in a written statement the committee quote, can and should do more to independently verify that nsa's operations are appropriate. but the aclu's michelle richardson asks how. >> members of congress have been clear, they have not received a full explanation how the programs worked or any clients' problems with privacy regulations. >> reporter: an nsa tutorial instructs analysts not to give extraneous information to congressional overseers. the president says there's no indication the agency is abusing its powers. >> what you're not reading about
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is the government actually abusing these programs. what you're hearing about is the prospect that these could be abused. >> reporter: the nsa is now drawing fire from the left and right, with former new hampshire republican governor john sununu saying it reflects the administration to be led -- and saying the constitution is under attack. >> what it means to be an american, means we have basic freedoms have to be in place, cannot be under assault by the government. >> reporter: minutes ago, the white house released a statement saying the president is determined to strike the right bag between protecting security and protecting the privacy of americans, but it is unlikely the nation's most secretive spy agency would have briefed reporters if the president wasn't desperate to rebuild public confidence in it. john? >> wendell goler on martha's vineyard, thanks. please join me this sunday for fox news sunday, filling in for chris wallace.
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i will be talking obama care and immigration with kentucky senator rand paul, and we will discuss egypt and the nsa with new york congressman pete king, and connecticut senator richard blumenthal. check your local listings for broadcast times. republicans push back hard on the hillary front, that's coming up next. here is what's going on at the fox affiliates outside washington, d.c. fox 13 in memphis with the 36th anniversary of the death of elvis presley. fox 25 in oklahoma city on the return of children's school in moore, oklahoma, three months after a massive tornado killed several of their classmates. and a live look at minneapolis from fox 9. the big story there, a nine-year-old boy whose feet were run over by a train. that's our live look outside the beltway from "special report." we will be right back. alert.
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republicans meeting in boston are mad as heck, not going to take it any more. they are throwing down the gauntlet to nbc and cnn over hillary clinton. our chief political correspondent carl cameron has that story. >> reporter: the republican national committee on a unanimous voice vote agreed to ban nbc and cnn from hosting 2016 primary debates if they proceed with movies that will unfairly promote hillary clinton. >> there are plenty of other news outlets. we'll still reach voters, maybe more voters, but cnn and nbc anchors will just have to watch on their competitors' negotiation. >> reporter: gop hopes to take control over the number of debates, which states they're held in and who will moderate, which has traditionally been decided by broadcasters. it included a broadsided main street wisdom that the gop
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direction is in disarray. >> i can't think of anything more depressing than if our party was at this very moment in history quiet and dull. we should be having new ideas and yes, internal debates. >> reporter: they woke up to a political article from washington titled eve of destruction, describing the gop here. >> sometimes there are contentious moments, ultimately we make an argument that what we believe is better for our friends and neighbors and ourselves than what they believe. >> and the america i live in disagreement is a way of life, that's how you get better solutions. you know, i don't want to be in an america where you cannot have dissent or disagreement. >> reporter: priebus warned the gop about being too combative at the expense of the conservative movement. >> if you just want to be angry, if you don't want to be a problem solver, you're putting
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yourself ahead of the movement, you're putting your personal ambition in front of your patriotic duty. >> reporter: what republicans seem most excited about, the digital campaign. there's a lot of work to do to catch up with democrats. but they'll roll out more this fall. >> thanks. stocks finished on a down note. dow lost 31, s&p 500 fell 5, nasdaq dropped three for the week, dow lost 2.25%, worst week this year. s&p 500 dropped a little over 2%, nasdaq about a point and a half. speaking of big money, the obama administration has bet and lost heavily on green energy. think solyndra. that has not stopped the white house from pushing on in ways some critics say might not even be legal. here is correspondent doug mcelway. >> reporter: for the first time since the carter administration, solar panels are going up on the roof of the white house, part of a mandate toward renewable in the federal government, and also
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a symbolic gesture the president is plowing ahead with a green agenda. >> he said he wasn't going to wait for congress, but that he had administrative authorities and it was time to start utilizing those more effectively in a more concerted way. >> the obama administration is being strategically brilliant doing it behind the scenes, they're going to achieve everything that u.n. treaties and cap and trade could achieve through the in visibility of regulation. >> reporter: but the battle against global warming encountered a head wind, in a suit brought by the landmark legal foundation, a federal judge ruled the epa response to freedom of information act requests for alias e-mail accounts used by the administrator lisa jackson and others, quote, contain numerous inconsistencies and reversals which undermine confidence in their truthfulness. he ruled they can depose senior
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officials about the alias e-mails. a day later, darrell issa and david vitter wrote administrator jackson demanding all personal e-mails in the last four years that relate to her official duties. they're concerned the e-mails were an attempt to circumvent federal transparency laws and congressional oversight. there's in tolerance for any dissent in the global warming debate, as evidenced from these comments by sally jewel. >> hope there are no climate change deniers in department of interior. >> if you are a global warming skeptic and work for obama administration, by appointee or career civil service, better keep your mouth shut and not express views. >> reporter: but temperature averages stalled for 15 years, and some russian scientists predict a mini ice age lasting up to 250 years. >> that's not exactly comforting either. doug mcelway for us, thanks. still ahead, we'll get you
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ready to participate in tonight's all-star panel with the srb. has america lost the war on poverty? i'm beth...
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tonight we conclude the look at the rapid expansion of the food stamp culture in america. my colleague bret baier talks to someone there at the beginning of the war on poverty, now says it is a war that should never have been fought. >> our american answer to poverty is not to make the poor more secure in their poverty but to reach down and to help them lift themselves. >> it sounded really good at the
3:22 pm
time, too, give a hand up, not a handout. >> reporter: at that time, charles murray was a 21-year-old history major at harvard. a liberal policy wonk, coming of age in heavy times. >> we were really optimistic in the 1960s, because we never tried to use government programs to eradicate poverty. turned out to be really tough. >> reporter: murray would come to understand how tough a few years later. after earning a phd in political science at mit, he went to work for a washington think tank with a government contract to evaluate the effectiveness of the great society's anti-poverty programs. murray's ground breaking research transformed him from a liberal to a libertarian helped transform the nation's welfare policy as well. >> reporter: was there a eureka moment in your research? >> there was. i came across a source which had calculated the poverty rates
3:23 pm
back to world war ii, and poverty rate had been going down, even faster before the war on poverty. that was the moment i said it is only after the war on poverty was a few years on it slowed. >> it stopped. >> it stopped. >> reporter: his book "losing ground" not only concluded the war on poverty failed to help people out of poverty but had devastating con kwenss for an underage stock on dependency. >> findings were controversial. >> very much so. conventional wisdom now. >> they were conventional wisdom by the early 1990s. >> when you can, you must work because welfare should be a second chance, not a way of life. >> reporter: by 1996, republican congress passed and the democratic president signed, a welfare reform bill.
3:24 pm
in the years since, that law has been hailed as a success, helping people get off the welfare rolls and gain self-respect. but murray thinks america is unlearning many lessons of the recent past. >> food stamps as a specific program is one of the most obvious ways in which the government has reached into american neighborhoods and says it's okay to be dependent. the cost of that is the kind of pride that used to be the hallmark of americans. >> i totally disagree. >> reporter: this representative is a four term democrat from the suburbs of chicago. >> it implies somehow that these low income people are wanting to be free loaders and the federal government helping them. >> do you worry about hurting poor people over the long term at all? >> not at all. most people are on the food stamp program less than a year.
3:25 pm
one out of four american children now gets food stamps. do we want to take food out of the mouths of hungry children? shame on us. >> i have to smile, bret, because otherwise i'd erupt. i guess they don't understand that people like me aren't just stingy and don't want to spend money on food stamps. >> reporter: someone listening could say charles murray is saying the government is making people lazy. >> you know, that's obviously a simplification of what i'm saying, but if you rephrase it slightly and say charles murray says that the government is systematically undermining a civic culture of independence that was a great american treasure, that's pretty accurate. >> reporter: so murray, now 70 years old, finds himself back in another fierce battle of ideas
3:26 pm
he believes must be won. his latest book coming apart says that battle is being fought on new turf. he says what were once the pathologies of the underclass are becoming the mainstream. >> if you go to any working class neighborhood in the united states and get to talking about the guys around town and their attitude towards work, yeah, you'll get some cases where guys are trying hard to get work in and they have been able to do it. the story you will hear more commonly, he didn't want a job. that's not what constitutes a satisfying human life. the sad thing is that the whole philosophical grounding of the welfare state encourages people to think of life in terms of the picnic. >> that's bret baier reporting. if you ever used google earth or maps, you know how useful the street view can be,
3:27 pm
but turns out not everyone wants their neighborhood on google maps. one person finds it out the hard way. and the white house finally delivers on an old promise. the grapevine is up next. humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why at liberty mutual insurance, to policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what ee comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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solar panels. part of the promise by the obama administration to utilize green technology. the administration's original deadline of spring, 2011 came and went with no sign of progress, until this week. environmentalist bill mcgiven says it is about time. one hopes this is a small sign the second term obama administration will make climate change a priority, he said. jimmy carter had solar panels installed, they came down during the reagan years, and george w. bush put them back up. this will be the first time solar has been used for a president's living quarters. a google street view photographer ran into a roadblock, trying to capture images in thailand recently. 20 villagers in a town in northern thailand blocked his car and detained him, accusing him of being a spy. the car is retrofitted with cameras to take pictures at 360 degrees for google map software. residents believed it was surveying the area for a
3:32 pm
controversial project to build a dam. the manager newspaper reports villagers drove the google employee to a local buddhist temple and made him swear on a statue of buddha that he was not a spy. the group has since apologized. and finally, a flea market find is lucrative for one woman. she bought this unusual necklace for 15 bucks, about eight years ago. a few years later, she noticed the similarity between this and an alexander calder exhibit. the specialist verified she had been wearing one pricey piece of art. turns out her necklace once hung in the museum of modern art, about 60 years ago. that necklace now on sale at christies. it is expected to bring in between 2 and $300,000.
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run out to your local flea market this weekend, you never know what you'll find. now you have an opportunity tonight to participate in the upcoming panel segments. we made history last week with the launch of the sr bing pulse, talk back to the news in real time. instant analysis of our analysis. we will tell you what we think and you tell us what you think about that. bret baier explains this for us. >> bing isn't sure about that. >> welcome to the first evening news program where you have a piece of it. let's take a moment to walk through just how you can have your own seat right here on the panel. first, you need to go to on your home computer or handheld device. once on the page, state your political affiliation. click one of the three options here, republican, democrat, or independent. we will click independent.
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male or female. now you're on the panel. as the discussion begins, you can have your say. vote and vote often, every five seconds if you would like. click one of five buttons ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree. now it is time to see what you and others think. we'll show you the results on the bottom of the screen throughout the show, updating you in real time, and you'll be able to see who's peaking and tanking, who's grabbing attention and who's falling flat. you may ask how do you read the graph? there will be a pulse score of 0 to 100 for each group. a high pulse score, closer to 100, shows that group voting agrees with what the panel has said. a low score closer to 0 shows the group disagrees with the panelists. men and women, cotton is a veteran and good speaker, and also measure intensity score. highlighting moments when the
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greatest number of viewers vote at the same time. that's not about agreement or disagreement. this graph shows who's getting the most clicks. this is a first in an evening news program. and we partnered with our friends at bing to bring it to you. >> it is the first every time people get to sit in their living room, pick up their phone, and vote real time, and see the results real time on the screen. you get to see the table like it has never been done. >> it was first used in fox coverage of the 2013 state of the union address, when nearly 13 million votes were recorded over the course of the president's address. so go ahead, log on,, make your voice heard. is your privacy under attack by a government run amock? we will talk about it with the fox all stars and measure your response when we come back! alert.
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the nsa doesn't seem to want to explain or elaborate on the details of why this happens so frequently that they appear to be searching on the wrong names or searching on u.s. persons improperly. >> daryl leonnig, talking about them violating privacy rules thousands of times in one year. let's bring in the panel. join us on bing pulse. a week ago, the president insisted there didn't appear to be any abuses on the part of the nsa regarding the surveillance program. now we find out not only have they been violating privacy rules, but they have not been reporting it as they're supposed to. >> i think it is pretty obvious
3:40 pm
there needs to be some sort of investigation of what's going on. we keep getting different stories that keep being proven wrong, and i think that everybody should read "the washington post" story to really understand how out of control this program is. one incident involved 3,000 people. so when you start to think about how much of these incidents, how many people we're talking about, very serious. >> charles, the nsa and the white house have said these were all unintentional. but where the intent seems to have happened, the nsa took a look at a lot of the violations, said you know, we're supposed to report these to the appropriate authorities, the federal international surveillance court, but let's not tell them about this. >> i agree, that is where the problem really lies. it is with oversight, it is with
3:41 pm
reporting.ood that they investid themselves, it's not good that the story was kept inside and kind of glossed over so people wouldn't know. that's obviously where we have to go. look, i think it is probably true the overwhelming number of these instances was in add vermont and the. if you do those, you'll have thousands of errors. they have to be looked at. you have to be sure they're inadvertent and none of it is deliberate. the last point what kirsten is talking about, snowden is sitting on obviously a ton of other stuff, we have only seen the 10%. knowing he has all this stuff, why don't they come out right now and tell us everything that we know snowden has and start with a clean slate. the fact that they're doing it in a drip, drip, drip way can only hurt the credibility of the nsa and the administration. >> i misspoke myself, should have said the foreign intelligence surveillance court.
3:42 pm
nancy pelosi says it is extremely disturbing. this is what she said in a statement. congress must conduct rigorous oversight to ensure all incidents of noncompliance are reported to oversight committees and fisa court and that appropriate steps are taken to ensure violations are not repeated. what should happen here? >> i agree with everything that's been said, but this isn't exactly distaupian stuff, a lot of mistakes, 10% are typographical errors, a big batch was chinese people who were overseas, being monitored, then they came to the united states for a holiday, and nsa has no way to know they're coming here, but the basic problem is you're trusting a bureaucracy and trusting it with extremely sensitive data, essentially you don't want to go too far here, but basically to list itself. there is some accountability with the intelligence committees and with the secret fisa court, but the entire program needs to
3:43 pm
be more fully subjected to checks, balances and transparency of our madisonian system of government. >> talking about a government many say has run amuck. another example, climate change, that they're going to end run around congress to implement climate change policies. a recent statement by sally jewel, new secretary of the interior, what she said at a recent speech in colorado. let's play a little of that, get some reaction from you. >> i hope there are no climate change deniers in department of interior. if you don't believe in it, come out into the resources, go on to some land, go to alaska where the permafrost is, go to the sierra. >> you said i hope there are no climate deniers in department of interior, leading some to think dissenting opinions aren't welcome here at the department. >> i don't think they are, i mean, the obama administration
3:44 pm
is clear, i am in the same camp with them, the science points in the direction of all sorts of issues in terms of climate change, i think that she was being very straightforward, that they probably aren't going to entertain alternative viewpoints and i don't know anybody would be surprised by that frankly. >> getting into the realm of thought police, charles? >> no, not totalitarian, but it is shockingly arrogant and anti-scientific. the idea that science is closed, that science is settled and that anybody who brings evidence or questions is somehow a flat earther is apaling. one of the great physicists of our time, a climate skeptic, he has more iq in his pinky than the entire political echelon of the epa put together, and they're saying this man is a scientific illiterate? the entire idea of science is that you are open to contrary evidence. it is the definition of a
3:45 pm
scientific theory. and particularly climate science which is young, it's new, built on all kinds of assumptions, and data which contradicts each other. the idea that it is a closed issue is incredibly unscientific, and arrogant. that they decree this is scandalous. >> it is meant to evoke holocaust denial, which is different moral phenomenon. this is orthodoxy on the left, and at the same time the consensus science is under doubt in a way it hasn't been. we haven't had global warming in a significant way in 15 years. >> some predict a mini ice age. by the way, reflecting back, kirsten, a lot of people idea with your idea on bing pulse that there have you been investigation of nsa and a lot agree with the pelosi statement. gina mccarthy says we're going
3:46 pm
to implement a lot of these policies ourselves. being an end run around congress. >> they shouldn't be doing it unconstitutionally. there's a way to get things done they think are important, it is understandable they want to do it, but i have to say the science, there may be disagreements on the science, but let's not pretend there aren't a lot of scientists, the majority, who probably agree with what she said and how are you supposed to make policy if you're not going to pick a side. fine, people can come out and argue about it, ultimately they want to do something to mitigate impact on the environment. >> and on bing pulse, not surprising secretary of interior doesn't want doubters. strongly disagree with the idea there could be dissenters. up next, the lightning round, we continue with our bing pulse analysis of our analysis. stay with us. y, it's me, progressive insurance. you know, from our 4,000 television commercials. yep, there i am with flo.
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>> here is the lady that took the fifth and wouldn't congress' question and wouldn't answer the american people. and now we learn she is conducting official business on a personal account. in essence, potentially hiding it from the taxpayers. hiding it from the american people. >> john: congressman jim jordan who is talking about our winner in our weekly vote in friday lightning round voted. that is the latest in the irs investigation. the idea of lois lerner using a separate email account, a personal one, allegedly do to do corporate business for the government. what do you think about that? >> we don't know exactly what she was doing with that personal account or whether there was anything wrong with it. but, republicans are naturally very suspicious of her because she has played this thing falsely from the beginning when she blamed cincinnati for the entire matter. when she was really at the center of it from the beginning. i think those investigative
3:51 pm
committees will inevitably be calling her up again. >> john: there are reporting regulations if you do government business on your personal email you are supposed to copy that over to your government email so that it can be archived. allegations that didn't happen here. >> right. i think that there is a lot of mistrust regarding lois lerner and so the -- i think people tend to assume that perhaps there is something in there that we need to see. i think that congress is completely within their rights. i mean, they have demanded those emails. they should subpoena them and see if there is anything in there that is of a official nature. >> john: charles, do you think this is an attempt to do business off the radar screen. >> you can't be for sure. given the fact that she has never given any reason that she ought to be trusted and she took the fifth, which i guess is legal, but it does imply something, why should we believe that this is entirely innocent. of course we should have a look at them. >> john: all right, second topic on friday lightning round is food stamps. all this week we have been taking a look at the food
3:52 pm
stamp program in the united states. 47 million on it now. 10 million more than in 2009. some of the abuses or at least perceived abuses in the system. one of the people we followed was a surfer in santa monica -- i'm sorry, a surfer in la jolla, california named jason greenslave his attitude he doesn't want to have a job. he wants to surf, drink and pick up women all day. this is what he told us about the use of his california snap card. >> i got my rainbow roof. we have salmon, eel, yellow tail with rice and avocado. and then they have lobster on special. got lobster. and coconut water. choose $100 a month and go like boom. >> thank you for shopping with us. >> just like that. all paid for by our wonderful tax dollars. >> that caused a lot of outrage with a lot of people though ho thought that they was sponging off the american taxpayer.
3:53 pm
what's your reaction? >> obviously people out there that need help. this program has grown leaps and bounds the last 15 years or so. it's grown during good economic times and during bad economic times. government has gone out and deliberately eroded the natural sense of stigma americans feel about the being on the doll in any form. that's a disgrace. >> john: this guy is not even gaming the system. he is doing what's totally legal. maybe there is a moral violation here. >> that's kind of like the homeless guy who lives in a mansion. the pan handler who lives in a mansion. we can always find these antidotes. the center on budget and policy priorities did a study and found that 87% of the people that were receiving snap benefits had worked the previous year and then the following year. so, it tends to be people who really are between jobs. >> john: charles, we will need to hold your brilliance for the end because we only have a minute and change last topic. >> i'm going to implode. >> john: winners and losers? >> the winner is the 2016 presidential debates it was
3:54 pm
a little bit rocky at times but the rnc made it clear it's going to take more control of the debate process after last time when there were too many debates moderated by too many people who wanted to make the republican party look bad. >> john: loser? >> loser is the arab spring. syria dissended into the abyss. egypt seems to be going there as well. proving again the difficulty of planting democracy in undemocratic culture. >> i don't want charles to explode you might want him to go first. >> edward snow den is the winner. clearly he keeps winning as all of this service is really showing how much we needed him to expose the administration. loser is egypt. >> the winner is guido is not northern eye italian delicacy. it's an mammal teddy bear face with the body of a racoon. >> it's new cute.
3:55 pm
pandas are so yesterday. the loser is the zoo in china which dressed up a dog as a lion. discovered sherlock said i heard that lion bark. >> what was it about the tongue that nobody realized. that's it for the panel. see what happens when you get a little too consumed by your work. of course we will have the results of our poll. stay with us. p>nño@ç-ño/,o w⌞ñ
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>> john: some bing highlights for you now from our pulls. all parties agreed with charles that science should be an open forum. this was the highest intensity point. your contract is safe for another week. >> you won. >> probably no surprise. >> i'm humbled. >> you did better than the dog at the zoo. secondly, and second panel very strong disagreement with the video of the surfer buying high end groceries with food stamps. our peak so far hit as many as 60,000 votes per minute. thank you all for participating. we will do it again next friday. >> how police in seattle
3:59 pm
were having fun with laws that legalized recreational marijuana by handing out doritos at that hemp fest. two states to the southt a par. >> the ranger who discovered the farm made a statement gave details. really amazing that people grow this out in the open and it can go undiscovered for so long. >> can i confirm that park rangers have seized an estimated 5,000 pounds of illegally grown marijuana. in to pang go canyon state park. these are fully mature plants. we he can report that the damage to the park ecosystem was significant and that the universe is expanding. and that even though it seems like we are standing still we are actually moving. flying through space in this crazy -- home.
4:00 pm
[ laughter ] >> john: did you get the sense they did more than search for the pot? >> thanks for watching "special report." i'm john roberts. good night from washington. have a great weekend. see you sunday morning. >> shepard: this is "the fox report." tonight, cancer doctor scam. accused lying to patients, giving them theme mow they didn't even need and now the victims' families are taking action. plus, the new nsa documents. they are -- their spy something worse than we ever knew they have read our emails and listened to our phone calls thousands of times a year. simple mistakes or a pattern of abuse. tonight, the latest leak about the nsa. and, a paralimp i don't

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